Ask Dan and Mike on TV

Video Vault

We like to continually add free videos sharing relationship and communications tips and also keep our fans and community apprised of media appearances.

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ASK Dan & Mike Communication Profiles

Communication Profiles

Learn the tools to communicate with any man in ANY Situation. Dan & Mike, the leaders in Relationship, Sex and Communication provide cutting edge communication and listening effectiveness profiles.

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MEN - Dan and Mike

The Book Titled Men: 10 Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Learn more about Dan & Mike’s hit book Men: 10 Secrets Every Woman Should Know from Two Guys That Do. Join thousands of other women and step inside the male mind and learn the secrets….

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Hire Dan & Mike

Looking for tools for Success?  Hire Dan & Mike for your next event or as your personal consultant for your relationship and life success! Dan & Mike are both recognized leaders in the world of success…

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ADAM Live Events

ASK Dan & Mike Live Events

From ASK Parties, Couples Getaways, Women’s Mastery Weekends and the Engagement Boot Camp, Dan & Mike’s live Events are filled with excitement and valuable content.

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Taboo Topics

We receive hundreds of questions and messages each day and we aim to address the most controversial and taboo subjects as possible. From sex to dating advice to keeping your marriage fresh.

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