Book Launch in Barcelona, Spain


ASK DAN & MIKE, the experts in relationships and communication, did their official European launch on Sunday, November 14th at the Travel Bar in Barcelona, Spain.  The event had a definite Barcelona vibe, as the ladies tipped their vine glasses … [Read more...]

ASK Dan & Mike (aka ADAM) Monthly Update

Dan & Mike in Las Vegas for Ladies' Weekend

First, we would like to thank everyone for all of the support in our first official full month of the launch of our book and our newest live events.  We receive alot of Twitter, FaceBook and email questions asking us what is happening the past month … [Read more...]

75% of Women say they Want the “Good Guy”

Good Guy vs Bad Boy

According to our latest poll, 75% of the women say they prefer the "good guy" over the "bad boy," which supports our prior research at our live events and street polls.  At least that's the popular answer.  Do women feel pressure to respond and … [Read more...]

More American’s Saying “I Don’t”

No Marriage

Click here to read article on how more American's are saying "I Don't" rather then "I Do." … [Read more...]

It’s Just Lunch ASKs Dan & Mike – 10 Things Women Should Know – But Don’t

IJL Logo

ASK Dan & Mike, the experts in communication and relationships, list 10 Things Women Should Know about Men... but Don't Click here for IJL Blog - 10 Things Women Should Know about Men... but Don't … [Read more...]

What is Major Reason for Divorce?


Despite all the so-called experts, education and counseling, the divorce rate still exceeds 50% and has done so for over 45 years.  ASK Dan & Mike would like your opinion on the "Source for Divorce."  So tell us what think... Here's the … [Read more...]