2 Secrets You MUST Know!

Do you want to know 2 secrets to keeping your man in your bed? Check out our latest article on DatingAdvice.com. … [Read more...]

The Love Consultants Feature ASK Dan & Mike’s Book – MEN

The Love Consultants

The Love Consultants, Matching & Date Coaching The Love Consultants is a Matchmaking, Dating Coaching and Relationship Coaching service that works with men and women to help them find and keep their perfect Match. Founded by nationally … [Read more...]

Mike’s Radio Appearance on the Kike Vale Radio Show in Chicago

Mike Lindstrom of ASK Dan & Mike

Listen to Mike’s recent appearance on the Kiki Vale radio show in Chicago, IL. Kiki asks him about everything from getting through the holidays with a positive attitude to what it means to have a coach. He also talks about the importance of … [Read more...]

Mike’s Radio Appearance on 98.7 in Pensacola

Mike Lindstrom of ASK Dan & Mike

Mike Lindstrom from ASK Dan & Mike recently appeared on the Cat Country 98.7 morning show in Pensacola, FL with witty and fun co-hosts Brent and Dana.  They discussed the launch of our book Men: 10 Secrets Every Woman Should Know from Two Guys … [Read more...]

ASK Dan & Mike (aka ADAM) Monthly Update

Dan & Mike in Las Vegas for Ladies' Weekend

First, we would like to thank everyone for all of the support in our first official full month of the launch of our book and our newest live events.  We receive alot of Twitter, FaceBook and email questions asking us what is happening the past month … [Read more...]

75% of Women say they Want the “Good Guy”

Good Guy vs Bad Boy

According to our latest poll, 75% of the women say they prefer the "good guy" over the "bad boy," which supports our prior research at our live events and street polls.  At least that's the popular answer.  Do women feel pressure to respond and … [Read more...]