Taboo Topics

We receive hundreds of questions and messages each day and we aim to address the most controversial and taboo subjects as possible. From sex to dating advice to keeping your marriage fresh.

Here are some of the most Taboo Topics we get emails about on our website:

–Why do men cheat?

–How do you keep your man satisfied so he won’t stray?

–What are the modern-day rules when it comes to dating and the impact of social media (ie. FaceBook, Twitter, etc)?

–How will I know when my man/woman is checked out of the relationship (ie. When to move on)?

–What are the TOP turn-ons & turn-offs for men?

–When do you have sex in the dating phase?

–Do men really want to have a threesome with their girl?

–What do women tell you guys (Dan & Mike) in your private women ONLY Taboo events?

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