ASK Parties

ASK Party Fun!

What is an ASK PARTY?

ASK Parties are available for Women (Typically 10 – 50 Women) and Couples (5 to 25 Couples)

What would it be like to have a relationship expert; a sex consultant, and the format to ASK anything you want and get an honest, straight answer based on personal experience and two decades of research?

What would it be like to have men tell you the truth about Men… and of course, Women?

Welcome to your ASK party!

Imagine you along with a group of your best girlfriends; some drinks, a great attitude and a good vibe… joined by relationship experts, Dan & Mike.  You and your friends can ASK any questions about:

  • The Male Psychology
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Men
  • Why Men Cheat
  • Jealousy
  • Money

Think Dr. Phil, meets Howard Stern, meets Sex and the City! You’ll get real answers and proven strategies to implement into your life NOW!

The ASK party is edgy, fun and real.

Couples ASK Party

Your ASK party will be one party that you and your friends will remember forever.   Dan & Mike answer any and all questions in an honest, edgy and fun environment.

What is it?  ASK Party

  • Format:   30 minutes of “Meet & Greet”
  • 2 hours of Q & A
  • 30 minutes of “Next Step” Strategies
  • Potential Personal Meetings

All ASK Party participants receive Dan & Mike ASK T-shirts and sex journals… oh, we mean success journals, along with priceless information in a edgy, fun format.

For availability & pricing, email us!

Opportunity to Educate your Teen…
from Dan & Mike

ASK "Teen Talk"

Dan & Mike believe healthy relationships start at home; meaning we often find the “norm” of what a relationship should be like by watching our parents, along with other parents.

Dan & Mike’s groundbreaking talk for young women (suggested ages 12-18) titled “Setting the Standards with Boys and Yourself” is available at no charge for clients who throw an ASK party.

The “teen-talk” is 60-90 minutes in length and is typically scheduled prior to the host’s ASK party.

Topics include:

  • Self-Respect
  • The Young Male Mindset
  • Self-Esteem
  • How to get treated like a “young lady” from boys
  • What do teen boys and young men really want… or think they want
  • Tools to set you apart from the rest of the girls