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The Masters Program – For Women Only

Ask Dan & Mike, the leaders in relationships, communication & sex present The Masters Program – For Women Only at the trendy Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas – Next Date to be announced soon!

Call today to reserve your spot for a limited attendance only weekend you’ll never forget with Dan & Mike, along with special performances from “exclusive guests”… a MUST SEE.

Dan & Mike’s Masters Program – For Women Only is a fun-filled weekend event consisting of education, entertainment and excitement, teaching you proven strategies to communicate with men, and attract the “right” man for you.

Go inside of the mind of a man and learn specific tools and strategies in Dan & Mike’s women’s workshop, followed by a night on the town where Dan & Mike will be your ultimate “wing-men.”  You’ll have the unfair advantage as Dan & Mike coach you in live situations on both Friday and Saturday nights in Sin City.

Broaden your understanding of men during the popular “MEN PANEL” where you will have honest and thought provoking insights from a panel of different men.  It’s Wide-Open… If you want to know, Just ASK!

Learn the “Psychology of Sexiness” from a current Las Vegas Showgirl who went from size 16 to size 6!!!  An amazing learning experience on how sexiness comes from within.  Learn how her mindset as a size 16 kept men attracted to her, and how she had to change her approach to men as her waistline became smaller.

When, or should we say “if” you leave Las Vegas, here’s what you’ll take with you:

  • How to Attract and Keep the Man that’s Right for YOU
  • How to Communicate with the Men in your life
  • How to Tell What He’s Thinking During the Dating Phase
  • How to Set the Standards for How Men Treat YOU
  • Understanding the frail male ego
  • 5 Proven Tools for Relationship Success
  • They Psychology of Sexiness

The Masters Program – For Women Only Agenda:


  • Arrive Friday afternoon… get prepared for a night to remember!
  • 7:30pm: Meet in Suite for weekend agenda, Drinks, Instructions & Evening Challenges
  • Night out with Dan & Mike – your Ultimate Wing-Men or Optional VIP Show


  • Sleep in and get your “Coffee on”
  • 10am: Event Start Time – Learn the Proven Tools for Success with Men
  • 1pm: Lunch (Catered)
  • 2pm – 5pm: Special Guest Performances and Event Continued
  • 5pm – 8:30 pm – Your Time (Spa, Shopping, Dinner?)
  • 8:30 pm: It’s Raining Men – Drinks & instructions for the Evening Festivities
  • End Time?


11:00 am:  Optional bon voyage meeting with Dan & Mike.  Optional only because our experience says many of you will be unavailable.  Dan & Mike will be available to summarize weekend strategies and give last-minute relationship advice and instruction. (always a good option)

$995.00 – Includes: (Limited Space – Discounts for groups and affiliate partners)

  • Shared room for Friday & Saturday nights at Mandalay Bay
  • Pre-night (7:30pm) drinks Friday & Saturday nights with Mike & Dan, prior to nights out in Sin City
  • Cover Charges at Friday & Saturday Clubs
  • Full-Day Saturday Event & Performance
  • Friday Night Instruction



Dan & Mike’s Las Vegas Couples’ Weekend Event

Dan & Mike's Couple's Weekend Event

Welcome to Dan & Mike’s ASK weekend for Couples.

Find out if you and your partner are on the same page and ready to move to the next level… in an edgy, fun and entertaining format. Where else to have fun with your mate and bring your relationship stronger than with Dan & Mike in Las Vegas?

Have you had the “MUST HAVE” conversations about Sex & Money? Probably Not… so let’s have some fun with 15 other couples in a cool, hip, game-show format.

Think “The Newlywed Game” with drinks, along with Dan & Mike, edgy, fun questions that will lead to laughter, shock, fun, improved connection and better sex.  (We’re thinking you should come for that alone.) This event is for couples who are married, dating or … dare we say, almost divorced.  This event is Highly suggested pre-marriage!!

Contact Us for Details!

The event starts at 9am on Saturday, with Dan & Mike “bringing it real,” sharing tools to make any relationship a success focused on the taboo subjects of SEX, Money and more SEX.  After a nice relaxing lunch, “Let the games begin.”

Drinks are served (optional of course) and couples are briefed on format of ASK Dan & Mike’s Newlywed-Dating Game.  Think the old school Newlywed Game in a hip, edgy & sexy format bringing couples to “Moments of Truth.”

As in the “old” Newlywed Game, points are awarded to couples who correctly predict their partners response… and the couple with the most points at the end of the game, is deemed the ASK Winners and are awarded a unique and special grand prize… one which you’ll never forget!

Dinner together (optional) on Saturday night followed by a night on the town (optional) with VIP treatment at the hottest Vegas nightspots.  Sunday morning, everyone meets for some final thoughts, suggestions and graduation over a late breakfast.  A weekend to remember for sure.

Agenda for Event:


9am Start Time – Talk on Relationship Tools – SEX, Money & Communication


1:30 – 5:00 ASK Dan & Mike Newlywed Game


7:30 – Dinner and out


10:30am – 12pm:  Breakfast, Final Thoughts, Suggestions and Graduation

Contact Us for Details!

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