College Guys Reveal Their Thoughts on “Picking Up Girls at Bar”


What do you typically think of the girls you meet at bars? Response: It was refreshing to hear most guys say it depends on the particular girl and situation. But, still, sex was on their minds. An anonymous guy shares his inner thoughts with us … [Read more...]

ASK Dan & Mike Interview w/ Lucia from The Art of Love

ask dan and mike art of love

Listen to the podcast of Mike's interview with Lucia on May 8, 2011.  They discussed everything from cheating, sexpectations and ASK Dan & Mike's book. Listen to the PodCast Now … [Read more...]

Singles in America Study in 2011: “Interesting” to Say the Least

Ask Dan and Mike Singles

February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day in the air.  Millions of cards and roses are purchased this month alone.  Being relationship experts, we have to offer some insightful commentary to our readers and, as always, we aim to take on new … [Read more...]

Quoted in Article About V-Day with ABC Online

Dan and Mike Quotes

ASK Dan and Mike chiming in about men and spending money on Valentine's Day.  Great piece by ABC. Read it here. … [Read more...]

Mike Co-Hosting on Valentine’s Day ABC15

Ask Dan and Mike VDay

Mike Lindstrom co-hosting on ABC15 in AZ. Comments on's survey "Single in America."  Check out the 10-minute video with co-host, Daphne Munro: Smart Family on Valentine's Day with Mike Lindstrom … [Read more...]

New Zodiac Signs and Dating


Ladies, you can always rely on ASK Dan & Mike to shoot you straight on the questions and mysteries surrounding men.  This past week all of this hoopla about the new zodiac signs changing and the addition of a 13th sign (Ophiuchus).  We have … [Read more...]