Mike Co-Hosting on Valentine’s Day ABC15

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Mike Lindstrom co-hosting on ABC15 in AZ. Comments on Match.com's survey "Single in America."  Check out the 10-minute video with co-host, Daphne Munro: Smart Family on Valentine's Day with Mike Lindstrom … [Read more...]

New Zodiac Signs and Dating


Ladies, you can always rely on ASK Dan & Mike to shoot you straight on the questions and mysteries surrounding men.  This past week all of this hoopla about the new zodiac signs changing and the addition of a 13th sign (Ophiuchus).  We have … [Read more...]

Is Marriage Really Obsolete and Why?

Marriage Obsolete

We have been hit with this question a ton the past three months since the Pew Research Center conducted a survey of more than 2,600 Americans in October of 2010.  The more precise phrase used in their research was “marriage becoming obsolete.”  As … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Show You Love Him – Featured in Cotton Candy Magazine

5 Ways to Show You Love Him - ASK Dan & Mike

Satisfying your man may seem easy in the movies but can be a challenge in REAL LIFE.  That’s why Cotton Candy reached out for some expert advice.  ASK Dan & Mike, the experts on communication, sex and relationships, share with you five things you … [Read more...]

More American’s Saying “I Don’t”

No Marriage

Click here to read article on how more American's are saying "I Don't" rather then "I Do." … [Read more...]

It’s Just Lunch ASKs Dan & Mike – 10 Things Women Should Know – But Don’t

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ASK Dan & Mike, the experts in communication and relationships, list 10 Things Women Should Know about Men... but Don't Click here for IJL Blog - 10 Things Women Should Know about Men... but Don't … [Read more...]