Seven Surprising Signs He'll Never Marry You

dan and mike

The tricky thing about womanizers is that they usually have their game down pat, which means it's easy to get sucked in. Here are some of the subtle clues a guy has a case of commitment phobia. If he exhibits three or more of these, watch out. 1. … [Read more...]

Q and A: The Jealous Bone aka "The J-Bone" and your Man

Q: I have been dating this guy now for about two months. We met through mutual friends. Both of us are in our 30’s and have never been married. I am really into him until just recently, he has started to ask about my every move. He is asking me … [Read more...]

Q and A: Being mean gets attention…what gives?

Q: Why is it that guys who I'm not into are so into me? It seems like the meaner you are to someone the more attention you get. How does this make any sense? A: Rule of thumb, men want or will chase what they cannot have. It’s usually run by … [Read more...]

Q and A: Men Falling in Love

Q: Are there any signature signs men show when falling in love? A: Great question and a common one asked by ladies of the world. One standout sign is the increased presence of affection towards his lady. When I say “affection,” this is NOT to be … [Read more...]