How not to get fired for what you Tweet

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How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Flirt Your Way to a Date

Flirting on FB

Now, where there is "game," there are rules—whether or not you choose to acknowledge them. I would apply much of the regular flirting rules to online flirting. However, the difficult terrain is navigating the flow of information-sharing and your … [Read more...]

Media: Social Media and Dating: Tips on the Basics

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Q and A: Twitter and Flirting?

Cyber Flirting

Q: How do you flirt on this whole new Twitter thing? A: Twitter is fairly new to the American consumers. You hear a lot of celebrities, athletes and business leaders using it to get their persona brand or message out there on the world wide web. … [Read more...]

Q and A: What about Facebook?

Q: It seems like everyone and their brother is on FaceBook. To FaceBook or not to FaceBook? A: YES, FaceBook is an awesome networking tool, an easy way to catch up with long, lost friends, and it is also a great marketing tool especially if you are … [Read more...]