Relationship Check-In

Give your relationship a new spark by reconnecting

Give your relationship a new spark by reconnecting


Simply copy the below questions onto a word document, then print two copies… one for you, and one for your partner.  Answer the questions on your own and come together and go through the answers together.

Frequency:  Every 6 months

Key to Success:  HONESTY

Without honesty there is no growth.  Without growth, there is no passion.


Relationship Check-In


1.  List a couple random acts you would like to see more from your partner


2.  What are 2 things your partner could do during the week that would help you out?


3. What are 3 things that your partner does that turn you on emotionally


4.  What are 3 things your partner does that turns you on physically?


5.  What things would you like to see change or improve in the next few months?


6.  What can you and your partner do to “spice up” your relationship and create more romance?