Dan & Mike on VH1’s 40 Most Shocking Break ups

Dan & Mike on VH1

Human Behavior & Relationship Experts ASK Dan & Mike appear on VH1's 40 Most Shocking Celebrity Break ups … [Read more...]

Women’s Weekend in Las Vegas on FOX

Dan Lier on FOX

Dan Lier, co-founder of ASK Dan & Mike, the Human Behavior & Relationship Experts talks about the much anticipated Women's Weekend in Las Vegas.  Hosted at the Bellagio Hotel, women from the U.S. and Canada will be sharpening their skills … [Read more...]

Mike in Studio – How to Avoid the Valentine’s Blues

5 Steps to Avoiding the Valentines Blues

Relationship Expert Mike Lindstrom from ASK Dan & Mike, the leaders in Relationship, Sex & Communication shares his 5 Keys to Avoid the Valentines Day Blues.  See Video Clip Below: 1.  Embrace Being Single 2. Surround Yourself with … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Show You Love Him – Featured in Cotton Candy Magazine

5 Ways to Show You Love Him - ASK Dan & Mike

Satisfying your man may seem easy in the movies but can be a challenge in REAL LIFE.  That’s why Cotton Candy reached out for some expert advice.  ASK Dan & Mike, the experts on communication, sex and relationships, share with you five things you … [Read more...]

The Love Consultants Feature ASK Dan & Mike’s Book – MEN

The Love Consultants

The Love Consultants, Matching & Date Coaching The Love Consultants is a Matchmaking, Dating Coaching and Relationship Coaching service that works with men and women to help them find and keep their perfect Match. Founded by nationally … [Read more...]

Dan & Mike in Cosmo: 5 Signs He Thinks You’re the One

Dan & Mike share their expertise with Cosmo on the signs that your man will give you

Have you met that special man?  Are you asking yourself "is he the one?"  Dan & Mike share their expertise in the latest Cosmo article focused on giving women a inside look at the man's brain... the 5 Signs He Thinks You are the One. Click … [Read more...]