Q and A: Better Rapport with my Male Colleagues?

Rapport with Men - ESPN

Q: I am a business woman in sales and I work in a predominantly male oriented business (both my peers and my clients). I need a Man’s Man advice on how to get a better rapport with my male clients….help.

A: Two easy things I teach all of my female sales professionals : get golf lessons, if you have not already. Golf is an outstanding way to gain rapport with your male clients and trust me, men LOVE a woman that can hang on the golf course. Next, be able to talk sports so watch some ESPN every night before your big meetings. Last week, at a sales conference I spoke at in Northern California, this woman about 35 years of age starting chatting me up about the current NBA playoffs. She was very well versed in basketball and even had more opinions about the various teams in the playoffs. It was awesome and we connected very quickly just talking about sports. Sales and solid relationships is all about rapport building so focus on the areas that allow you to build the strongest rapport.


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