New Zodiac Signs and Dating

Ladies, you can always rely on ASK Dan & Mike to shoot you straight on the questions and mysteries surrounding men.  This past week all of this hoopla about the new zodiac signs changing and the addition of a 13th sign (Ophiuchus).  We have received questions on this subject and it’s actually quite an easy one to address relative to men and dating.  It may have been a cool pick-up line back in the 1960-70’s when smoking pot and dropping acid was also “cool,” but in 2011, men do NOT care about signs and the zodiac.  We even go one step further when coaching our single women clients.  Unless you are an absolute believer in the zodiac and your first date checklist looks like this:

Is he a smoker?

Does he have bad breath?

Does he have a job?

What’s his sign?

Do NOT bring it up or overwhelm a dude on first dates with your mystic views of the Universe and how his sign will somehow dictate whether or not you can be a good match.

There are men out there that may engage the conversation on dates, but the majority of the men we have asked the past week give very little credence to one’s sign and they definitely do not want to be lectured on how the moon and the Earth’s rotation affect him.  Like our book indicates, in the dating dance, men have pretty much one thing in and it starts with an “S” and ends with an “X.”  Were just sayin’!

Two Sagittarius Men Coming At Ya Straight!


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