Q and A: Cheating Signs in my Man?

Cheating Signs... (no kidding)

Q: What are the tell-tale signs that my man is cheating on me?

A: When a man is, in fact, cheating on you there a couple obvious signs to look at for: first and foremost, he will show signs of withdrawal. Look for things like him not initiating sex as much as he once did, he is more quiet when the two of you around each other, he is more interested in doing things his “friends” (note: he may not be actually spending time with these dear friends of his, but rather using that as his excuse to see the other women). A new and innovative thing men do when they are having affairs is text messaging. May seem obvious when see your man constantly text messaging someone and its clearly not being sent to you.

There is a flip-side to male cheating behavior! If you notice an abundance of attention all of a sudden and he is showering you with gifts, flowers, cards and the like. This behavior stems from his likely guilt and to show you extreme amounts of affection and love makes him feel better about his fling with another.


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