Q and A: My Man's Take on Valentine's Day

Valentines Day... Oh my

Q: My boyfriend thinks Valentine’s Day is stupid, a way for flower companies and restaurants to milk you for more money each year. Is this a universal belief commonly held by men? From, Hopelessly Romantic in February.

A: Well, well, well, the million dollar Valentine’s question. If I had a dime for every time the ladies have asked me this question, I actually might be able to afford a couple hundred roses even at “Valentine’s Day mark up.” I have not read any such study over the years that affirms your boyfriend’s belief to be universal amongst men; HOWEVER, in my years of just “hangin’ with the fellas” and hours of “locker room” talk, I will tell you that most men do NOT get as pumped up about Valentine’s Day as women. The triple mark up on roses, the guaranteed reservation with a credit card at restaurants you frequent every other day of the year with no such policy—I can go on and on from a man’s perspective.

The one thing men actually do enjoy about Valentine’s Day is their higher probabilities of “getting some action” from their significant others. When men talk honestly with each other about February 14th, their seems to be a belief that the increase in prices for gifts, dining out and what-not is simply the price we must pay to get our ladies in that extra special mood, if you know what I mean.

I always recommend doing something romantic, yet simple. It doesn’t have to be about a dozen roses and an expensive dinner. Some of my most romantic nights involved staying at home, watching a fun movie and just having great conversation over a glass of wine. I am not a fan of the way commercialism has taken over this alleged “special day.”

My personal belief about V-Day poses one simple question, “Why do couples have to use this one day of the year as an excuse to welcome some extra romance and passion into their relationship?” It should be Valentine’s Day EVERYDAY of the year!


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