Q and A: Rule of Thumb on First Kiss

Rule of Thumb

Q: Is there a “rule of thumb” anymore when it comes to dating and that inevitable moment of the “first kiss?” Dave

A: Like I tell all of my clients, go with your gut instinct. 9 times out of 10, you will get a good feeling based on the date, the conversation and the vibe between the two of you. My personal rule of thumb, if it is a first date situation and all is going well, go for the gentlemanly kiss on the cheek and a nice meaningful embrace. Here comes the Man’s Man Bonus advice: look her in the eyes and tell her you really enjoyed her company and that you would like to do it again. Trust me, women love to hear this on the first date. The key is to mean it and then to follow up and make that second date happen. Do NOT play games, string her along or wait for that age-old “3-day rule” (that is so 90’s) before calling her!


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