What Do You Think about Jessica Simpson’s Engagement?

Ginny from Atlanta, GA asks Dan & Mike:  What do you think about Jessica’s Simpson’s engagement?

Thanks for the questions Ginny.  First off, we don’t really care, yet thanks for asking and here’s our take:  We don’t personally know or have met Jessica’s new man Eric Johnson, yet we believe a few caution flags should be thrown immediately.

First off, he’s a former athlete that has had his career ended prematurely due to a variety of reasons, including injuries and other circumstances, so we know he is missing the limelight; he’s missing the attention, and Jessica brings him back into the spot light.  He’s a good looking guy; 6’3″  and 240lbs and a graduate of Yale, so he’s no dummy.  He found his ticket to get back into the “game” and he’s reserving his seat.

Secondly, he’s 31 years old.  Being a former athlete myself; accustomed to special treatment and attention, he’s not ready for a commitment… meaning marriage.  If you’ve read our book you know about the RMS… the relationship maturity scale; and my boy Eric is not ready.  Again, we don’t know him, we are making a judgement call on this one… yet since you asked; this is what we think.

Thirdly… rumor has it, Jessica is missing a few screws upstairs, so based on our research, you attract what you are ready for.  With that being said, what kind of guy would really be attracted to a serious relationship with Jessica?  Just a theory.

Prediction:  He’ll  work the relationship for all it’s worth… then move on.

Timeline: 1 to 2 years max


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