Q and A: Men Falling in Love

Q: Are there any signature signs men show when falling in love?

A: Great question and a common one asked by ladies of the world. One standout sign is the increased presence of affection towards his lady. When I say “affection,” this is NOT to be confused with sex. All men want sex even if there is no emotion involved! Look for affectionate signs like hand holding, especially in public. Passionate kissing is another sign. The whole concept of “PDA” (public displays of affection) is a HUGE deal for a man. It’s a statement to the rest of the world that says, “This is my lady and I want everyone to know it.” The opposite is true too—if a man does NOT give you PDA, this is a sign that he might not be that into you.

Another big sign I share with my clients is when he starts including you in, what I call, “important future plans.” One of my clients was asking me the same question you are asking her and it happened to be in late October. I asked her if he had been asking about her Thanksgiving plans, her holiday plans or even her New Years Eve plans. They had not been dating that long but things seemed to be moving rather quickly. In late October, he was already inquiring about her New Years Eve plans—BINGO, this is a big sign of the next level for a man. Other important future plans would be birthdays, major holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and of course Valentine’s Day.

The last sign I will point out is when your man starts doing more one-on-one romantic things with you. When you notice him getting away from group activities, nights out and even group dates. He starts initiating little overnight night trips with you alone, when he starts taking you to nicer restaurants, when he starts buying you gifts (the big giveaway is jewelry), when he becomes comfortable with you just laying at home on a Friday night over wine and some take-out—these are tell tale signs he is falling in love you.


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