ASK Dan & Mike (aka ADAM) Monthly Update

Dan & Mike in Las Vegas for Ladies' Weekend

First, we would like to thank everyone for all of the support in our first official full month of the launch of our book and our newest live events.  We receive alot of Twitter, FaceBook and email questions asking us what is happening the past month since our book dropped.  We have been extremely busy traveling, doing media promotions, meeting with television producers and in a lot of meetings/conference calls forming powerful international strategic partnerships to help take ADAM to a worldwide audience.  Several of our partnerships we are not at liberty to speak about as of yet but they will be forthcoming by the end of this year.

What we can openly talk about is the following:

–We officially signed with famed talent agency Don Buchwald & Associates (based in NYC and LA).  We met with Julia Buchwald and the team in LA this past month and we are excited about their passion and interest in our vision together.  Many of you probably recognize the name Don Buchwald as he has been Howard Stern’s agent for years and was an integral part of Howard signing his Sirius Radio deal in 2004 which transformed satellite and free radio as we know it today.

–We announced the re-launch of our Las Vegas Getaways which will debut in April of 2011.  These ADAM Getaways will have a variety of flavors ranging from fun couples retreats, to ladies events, to singles mixers weekends.  We are working in conjunction with promotions and event gurus out of Canada.  We are excited to form such a partnership with our “great neighbors to the north” in Canada.

–We solidified our relationship with Florida-based branding professionals, On The Ball (, and their team has been nothing short of amazing at coaching us on our alliances and brand relationships moving forward.  They have extensive international relationships we look forward to partnering with going into 2011.  Thanks to Steve, David, Byron and the Team!

–We launched our new and improved blog site thanks to Judith Kallos at  We will be having weekly surveys and constant content posted to dozens of national relationship sites which we will plan to announce in December. Please enter your email into our site for constant updates to our site as we will be putting out frequent video blogs from Dan and Mike with fresh content.

–We will be providing weekly content to It’s Just Lunch Dating Service and their blog sites around the world with the beta being in San Diego thanks to the vision of Franchise Owner Lisa Purdum and her Team. Here is a recent post from us: Please check in on their blog as they are very progressive and forward thinking in the match-making world.

Lastly, our international PR strategy will roll out in December! We took the month of October to re-coil and map out a laser focused strategy which will take ADAM to the major national radio and television programs along with celebrity partnerships and endorsements in NYC and LA.  Matt Lauer and Regis beware!

That is all for now! As most of you know, we are both extremly passionate about our message as communication is what binds us all regardless of our relationship situation.

Thanks so much!

Dan & Mike


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