75% of Women say they Want the “Good Guy”

According to our latest poll, 75% of the women say they prefer the “good guy” over the “bad boy,” which supports our prior research at our live events and street polls.  At least that’s the popular answer.  Do women feel pressure to respond and answer to the “good guy” or is that what they really want.  We hear the “good guy” all the time, yet we also hear complaints about husbands and boyfriends being too predictable or even boring.  Hmmm….

Here’s our take:  Women want the good guy with an EDGE.  What’s the EDGE?  Well, every women has the recipe for her own success in regards to what edge turns her on or keeps her interested.  Maybe it’s the sexual edge; maybe it’s the artistic edge; the bad boy edge.. or maybe the risk taker edge.  Think about it.  What edge does your man have?


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