Perspective on Charlie Sheen

So I was at my daughter’s tennis tournament this weekend, which is primarily attended by moms, so I had a captive female audience.  A few of the women have read our book MEN – 10 Secrets Every Women Should Know from Two Guys that Do, so of course I was fielding questions.  One hot topic was Charlie Sheen… one woman’s passionate expression: “what a loser; what an asshole.”  Hmmm… couldn’t have said it better myself.

After talking about the latest celebrity train wreck Charlie Sheen, 20 of 30 women said they wouldn’t date him; 10 said they would, which immediately threw me into a confused state of mind wondering… do women really like the “irresponsible” guy with issues.  Maybe it’s the irresponsible guy with the “means” and a “lifestyle” that lures in women.  My money says if Charlie Sheen works 9 to 5 and has two weeks vacation, they wouldn’t even consider a date with him.

Is Charlie Sheen a bad guy? We don’t know… never met him.  What we would say is that he’s delusional, which is not out of the norm in Hollywood, and he has some issues… (which we all have our own).  It’s a matter of understanding someone’s issues before you decide to get into a relationship with him… that’s the key; unless of course you’re looking for lifestyle rather than depth.

As usual, it’s your call ladies.  You set the standards in your relationships… like you always have; like it’s always been.  See chapter 8 in our book MEN.


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