Testimonials & Summary of ASK Party – Scottsdale Resort

We had an amazing group of open-minded, energetic, forward thinking women… who had a blast!  We started out the night with talking about:

* Sexpectations
* Must Have Conversations
* Setting the Standards for Attracting the “Right” Man
* Sexuality
* The Fragile Male  & Communication Strategies

After a short break, we had two women who had some relationship “Struggles” come up and we performed some live coaching focused on their specific situation.  It was fantastic for them and the other ASK attendees as well.

One of the ASK Party attendees had a date following our event, so her “guns were loaded” so to speak. She actually had him come to pick her up at the event and “Hats off” to him, as he actually came in and was subjected to mild interrogation prior to the date.  Wow.

To close out the evening, we played the Dan & Mike version of the Newlywed Game called “Check-Mate”… where the participating couple really gets to find out if they know their partner!  Hysterical laughter and very fun!!  The new found term for the party had to be “Pre-Doggie.”  You can put that together on your own.


Here’s what a few of the Ladies had to say:

“Thanks for the great advice at Scottsdale Resort last night…the date with Joe went really well and I got the info I needed from him. He’s making me dinner on Wed night…so far, so good. 🙂 Amber.”


“Thanks for having us last night. Kris and I had a blast.  I appreciate men are blazing the trail to let other men know that it is ok to “speak” : ) I don’t think you all have any convincing to do – just continue to be great examples. I look forward to purchasing your book AND having it signed lol. Til the next event!” – Stacy


“Thank you for a Wonderful evening. Last night when I got home I talked to him about the marriage thing again, he agrees he needs to focus on that for me!”  via Twitter @londonluvspell


“Had such a such a great time on Saturday.   Very Good Stuff!” – Erin



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