– Review of Dan & Mike's Guide to Men

Ladies, do you ever wish you get get the “guy perspective” on your relationship issues? Well, Dan and Mike are to the rescue!

Dan Lier and Mike Lindstrom have announced the release of their latest book, “Dan & Mike’s Guide to Men: 10 Secrets Every Woman Should Know From Two Guys That Do”, which answers some of the biggest questions facing single, dating and married women. The book goes on sale on September 1.

There’s no relationship rock left unturned in this book, which covers everything from jealousy and cheating, to setting proper personal standards.

Mike, a relationship expert, and his partner Dan, a dating coach, spent eight years researching and interviewing thousands of men for the book, to give women real, honest answers to make-or-break it questions. Topics include:

– Three steps to an intimate and trusting relationship
– How to read a man’s intentions on social networking sites
– What his text messages really mean
– How to make a compromise with different sexual appetites
– What to do when you have the urge to cheat, or when you think he may be cheating

Known for their to-the-point words of wisdom, Dan and Mike enjoy getting to the root of the problem and creating close bonds with their clients, as evidenced by their loyal following, such as Vicki Gunvulson of “Real Housewives of Orange County” and their ASK parties, where Dan & Mike spend hours counseling singles and couples in a fun and open environment.

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