3-Some for Relationship Success?

Hmmm... Sounds Interesting

So I went up to the club at my country club last night to network, spread positivity, connect and see what’s up in the world.  Wow, I’m still spinning.  Let me set this up appropriately.  I live in an exclusive country club community outside Las Vegas that is absolutely beautiful.  Our members consist of  business mogels, soap opera stars, entertainers, professional athletes, professional sports coaches and college coaches as well, and here at our club, they have no titles.  In addition, like any country club, we have a men’s golf league every Friday night, so after 5pm every Friday, the grill/club is rockin’ with testosterone filled stories.  Where’s the reality show producers???

I’m a seasoned guy, I’ve been around the world a few times; been through relationships and a divorce with kids, and at 47 yrs old, I understand the complexities of our society in relationship to success in life and with a “relationships” and a partner.  AND yet my head is spinning!

I walk in and sit at the country club bar… order a Heineken, and three women walk up to me and we start a conversation.  One of the women I knew casually through my kids, as they are in sports together; the other two were new introductions.  Because of my questions and my thirst for understanding regarding success and relationships, the conversation quickly went to “how they met their husbands” to “their experiences” and “their current status.”  Let’s put it this way… it was wide open, and here’s the 411… 2 of the 3 women I was having a real conversation with about relationships said they had a 3-way sexual experience with their current husband… one had a 4-way… a flat out swinging experience.  So my follow up question after listening to their stories was… “if you could do it over, would you do it again?”   Without hesitation, they both said yes!!  As a matter of fact, they indicated they would do it again tomorrow…. wow.

All that is well and good.  No judgement here.  It’s not for me… yet I respect people’s needs and different operating styles.  Yet, here’s my thing…with the divorce rate at over 50% and many people that I meet that are married are unhappy or indifferent about life, are these two women on to something???  Outside the U.S., sex is more open rather than almost “Taboo” in regards to experiences and satisfying one’s sexuality.  Hmmmm…… I’m still spinning.  From a man’s perspective, yea!  Let’s switch up and order off the menu…. it’s all good, right? I believe that would be the popular answer from men, and hey, I get it.  Yet, what about exclusivity and a feeling of your lady being sacred?  Old School???  Am I a Pilgrim?  Am I stuck in some TV land re-run?  I don’t know for sure, yet to imagine of some dude having sex with my lady just doesn’t feel good.

With that being said… all is good at the Country Club.  More to come!


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